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  • DSC to Launch 8th Summer Tournament for Football Academies

DSC to Launch 8th Summer Tournament for Football Academies


The 8th DSC Summer Tournament for Football Academies to be launched Friday 10th Aug. 2018 at 04:30 pm at Hatta Cultural Sports Club.


The Tournament is organized by Dubai Sports Council for the 8th successive year and is decided to take place at the pitches of Dubai clubs & football companies.


The 8th edition of the Tournament to be arranged with participation of 8 teams from various football companies of UAE clubs; these are: Shabab Ahli Dubai, Ajman, Al-Nasr, Hatta, Emirates, Ettihad Kalba & Al-Wasl.


Participating teams will contest tough challenges in five different categories; these are: 12 Years Old Category, to be arranged at Dubai Sports World Pitches in DWTR / 13 Years Old Category, to be held at Hatta Sports Club / 14 Years Old Category, to take place at Al-Nasr Sports Club / 16 Years Old Category, held at Al-Wasl Sports Club / 18 Years Old Category, contested at Shabab Al-Ahli Dubai Club.


13 Years Old Category:

Two matches in 1st group of the 13 years old category are scheduled simultaneously Friday 10th Aug. 2018 at 04:30 pm; these are: Shabab Al-Ahli Dubai (A) vs. Al-Nasr (B) counterpart/ Al-Wasl (B) vs. Hatta A at the same time.


In second group, Shabab Al-Ahli Dubai (B) to play vs. Al-Nasr (A) at 05:30 pm / Al-Wasl (A) vs. Hatta (B) at the same time.


12 Years Old Category:

The 12 year old category competition to commence Sunday 12th Aug. 2018 at the pitches of Dubai Sports World in Dubai World Trade Center.


Winners & distinctive players will be awarded valuable prizes by the end of the Tournament, scheduled to be concluded on 2nd Sept. 2018.  


Mr. Ali Omar Al-Baloushi, Director of Sports Development Dept. in DSC, stated: “The 8th edition of the Tournament to be joined by 1000 players from 39 teams, representing 8 clubs from the various Emirates of the UAE. Competitors will contest 85 matches & kick 850 penalties shoot–out on the sideline of competition. The Tournament matches will be run by 100 referees, accredited by the UAE Football Association. The Tournament will also save considerable amount of Dhs 2 million, supposed to be spent on external camps".


He added: “This Tournament is one of the eminent initiatives, organized annually by DSC to boost grassroots & juniors sector. It is a unique opportunity for our upcoming generations to acquire new experiences & enhance skills. The Tournament is considered as an early preparatory program before the launch of the competitions of the UAE Football Association 2018 – 2019. Technical bodies may catch this opportunity to improve players' performance and to be acquainted with their technical levels through these matches before commencing official competitions".


Mr. Ahmed Salem Al-Mahri, Manager of Sports Academies Sec. in DSC, remarked: “This Tournament copes with DSC's strategy endeavoring to boost juniors' sector and prepare teams for the official competitions of the upcoming sports season. DSC organizes this Tournament to enable players exploit leisure times & official competitions break in useful activities and to encourage them participate in fruitful competitions vs. counterparts. The event also boosts technical & physical abilities of players and make them competent enough to supply clubs & national teams in the future".


Mr. Al-Mahri referred: “DSC has assigned the host clubs & football companies to form organizing committees to arrange matches, prepare teams ranking lists and deal with final ceremony of each category. In this respect, valuable prizes to be awarded to the first three teams , ideal team, best goalkeeper, top scorer in addition to special award to winners in penalty–shootout". 


The Tournament is a unique opportunity for football companies in clubs to prepare promising players and help them attain achievements during the sports season.


In 14, 16 & 18 Years Old Categories, each participating team is scheduled to play vs. all other participating counterparts and then the highest gainer of points will get the competitions' title. Each category is joined by six teams; i.e. every team to play five matches.


In 12 & 13 Years Old Categories, participating teams to be classified into two groups. The 1st & 2nd placed teams of each group to qualify to the next stages.


Players will join penalty-shootout competition. This competition is held by the end of each match, aiming to scout players & goalkeepers' abilities in this particular side. Valuable awards to be presented to the best team, player & goalkeeper on the penalty–shootout competition.   


Juniors Sector:

DSC gives wide range of consideration to juniors' sector, since the Council is aware that various ages categories in football companies are the base of success & excellence in the future.


In this regard DSC arranges specialized international conferences, training sessions & technical workshops under supervision of experts in order to popularize international experiences / boost juniors sector & football academies in football companies / enhance organizational, administrative & technical sides for juniors' sector.​