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  • DSC Concludes “Dubai Summer Sports Camp for Girls"

DSC Concludes “Dubai Summer Sports Camp for Girls"


​“Dubai Summer Sports Camp for Girls" was successfully concluded Wednesday 15th Aug. 2018.

The 25–day summer sports camp, organized by Dubai Sports Council with participation of more than 150 girls, was the first of its kind, which was dedicated for girls of 7 to 12 years old.

 “Dubai Summer Sports Camp for Girls" is one of the eminent events in the agenda of DSC's Woman & Sport Committee.


Participants were awarded in the presence of Ms. Laimya Abdul Aziz Khan, Manager of Dubai Ladies Club and Deputy Chairwoman of the Woman & Sport Committee in DSC / Ms. Sara Al-Saygh, Director of Communication & Marketing Dept. in DSC / Ms. Fawziya Fraidoon, Manager of Woman Sport Development Sec. and Member of the Woman & Sport Committee / Ms. Fatima Al-Matroushi, Secretary General of the Emirates Autism Society.  

Participating girls joined 10 exciting individual & team sports games; comprised badminton, basketball, futsal, table tennis & road race. Participants also enjoyed several entertaining activities such as zomba, Frisbee, yoga, gymnastics & rock climbing. The girls watched cinema and attended nutrition program & trainings on teamwork.  

Autistic girls were integrated with other girls in community during this Camp, confirming the importance of this particular category. The wise leadership in UAE is keen to give autistic girls full opportunity to present vital roles in society.


DSC is keen to integrate people of determination in community, endeavoring to enhance the principle of teamwork and to invest energies of all individuals in community.


The Woman & Sport Committee assigned 22 prominent female coaches from specialized sports services co. to present professional training sessions for participating girls.


Parents encouraged their daughters to participate in this event in order to spend leisure & vacation times in useful activities.


Respective bodies of the Camp have dedicated Remarks Notebook for each girl to trace her performance development during the Camp period. Parents received the Remarks Notebook by the end of the Camp and may accordingly be aware of the sports games, in which their daughters show distinction, so that they can help them to improve skills in this particular sport and then join clubs & academies. 


Pitches were properly covered to secure girls' safety & confirm full privacy. The multi-purpose pitches are designed to accommodate several activities containing run track, dancing studio, wall for rocks climbing besides classes for workshops & nutrition lectures.


In conclusion, DSC thanked all those who exerted considerable efforts to secure distinctive organizing for the event. Special thank was extended to parents who were keen to register daughters and to follow up their performance. Thanks were offered to the Emirates Autism Society toward the quick response to DSC's initiative regarding participation of autistic girls of the Center in the event.


 DSC also thanked the Swiss International Scientific School for the generous hosting of the various activities of the event.​​