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  • Successful Conclusion for 8th “DSC Summer Tournament for Football Academies"

Successful Conclusion for 8th “DSC Summer Tournament for Football Academies"


The 8th “DSC Summer Tournament for Football Academies" was successfully concluded early this week.


The 8th edition of the Tournament was held with participation of 85 teams from football academies of Shabab Ahli Dubai, A-Nasr, Al-Wasl, Hatta, Ajman Ettihad Kalba and Emirates, taking into account that some of Dubai clubs participated in the event with two teams (A & B).


Participating teams contested tough challenges in five different categories; these are: 12 Years Old Category / 13 Years Old Category / 14 Years Old Category / 16 Years Old Category / 18 Years Old Category.

Competitions of the various categories of the Tournament took place at Dubai Sports World Pitches in DWTR, Hatta Sports Club, Al-Nasr Sports Club, Al-Wasl Sports Club and Shabab Al-Ahli Dubai Club.


85 matches were contested as part of the 8th edition of the Tournament, during which 447 goals were scored.


 It is to be mentioned that 393 goals were scored during the last edition of the event, while 373 goals scored in the 6th edition and 367 goals scored during the 5th edition of the Tournament.   


465 goals were scored in the Penalty–Shootout Competition, organized by the end of each match to enable young players to be competent & familiar with this eminent side of the game.  


The Tournament was joined by 770 players from the various categories, while matches were managed by 80 referees (30 main referees and 50 assistant referees) in collaboration with the UAE Football Association.


Shabab Al-Ahli Dubai A gained the title of the 12 Years Old Category, followed by Al-Nasr A in the 2nd place and then Shabab Al-Ahli Dubai B came 3rd.


In 13 Years Old Category, Shabab Al-Ahli Dubai A got 1st place, followed by Al-Wasl A in the 2nd place, while Hatta A attained 3rd place.


Al-Nasr got title of the 14 Years Old Category, followed by Al-Wasl in the 2nd place and then Shabab Al-Ahli Dubai A came 3rd.


In 16 Years Old Category, Al-Nasr gained the 1st place, followed by Shabab Al-Ahli Dubai in the 2nd place, while Al-Wasl came 3rd.


Shabab Al-Ahli Dubai A got title of the 18 Years Old Category, followed by Ajman in the 2nd place and then Al-Nasr came 3rd.


Mr. Ali Omar, Director of Sports Development Dept. in DSC, and Mr. Ahmed Salim Al-Mahri, Manager of Sports Academies Sec. in DSC, lauded the excellent performance of participating teams.


They also appreciated the distinctive organizing of the event, confirming that the Tournament has attained remarkable success, since it enabled technical & administrative staff to enhance levels and helped players to improve performance & acquire new experiences.  


Dr. Musa Abbad, Manager of Shabab Al-Ahli Dubai Academy / Mr. Mohammed Ali Mahboub, Manager of Al-Wasl Football Academy / Mr. Ahmed Saleh Al-Rais, Acting Manager of Al-Nasr Football Academy / Mr. Muhair Al-Bedwawi, Deputy Manager of Hatta Football Academy, have all confirmed that this Tournament is organized as part of DSC's keenness to sponsor grassroots and youth, based on the proper directives of the wise leadership. This Tournament helps clubs to save considerable amounts, which were supposed to be spent in internal & external camps before the launch of the sports season. Coaches may also catch such opportunity to be aware of players' technical performance and accordingly they may take measures to boost positive sides & rectify negative points.​