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  • Launch of Ice Warrior Challenge with Support of DSC

Launch of Ice Warrior Challenge with Support of DSC


The Ice Warrior Challenge to be launched Friday 21st Sept. 2018 at 08:00 am at Ski Dubai in the Emirates Mall.


The Challenge is organized by Ski Dubai in collaboration with Dubai Sports Council for the 9th successive year. 


Challengers need to pass various barriers, climb, ski & run on ice in a four–degree below zero temperature. The ice zone in Ski Dubai will be converted into tracks, which are full of various barriers & obstacles. In this regard, competitors are decided to creep over nets, surpass the maze inside a big ball, climb robes & jump on wheels besides several other exciting challenges.  


The event attracts massive participants of different categories in society as it enables participants to test physical abilities, form teams, boost skills and spend entertaining times at ice zone in one of the eminent tourist destinations in Dubai.


DSC is keen to support various events taking place in the Emirate of Dubai, based on its strategy to increase the number of those who exercise various individual & team games. The Council also supports & arranges sports events, which enhance sports tourism, reflect the unique tourist landmark of Dubai, boost the status of the Emirate as a distinctive sports destination to host sports events and encourage residents & visitors to participate in these distinctive events. 


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