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  • Organizing of “Ultimate Strongman Championship" with Support of DSC
  • Organizing of “Ultimate Strongman Championship" with Support of DSC

Organizing of “Ultimate Strongman Championship" with Support of DSC


The “Ultimate Strongman Championship" to be organized on 26th Oct. 2018 at Bab Al-Shams Hotel in Al-Marmoom Conservation Reserve with participation of the strongest 15 men in the world.


The Ultimate Strongman Championship, the greatest of its kind, will be arranged with the support of Dubai Sports Council.


The Organizing Committee has completed all preparations in coordination with the strategic partners; these are: Dubai Police, Dubai Civil Defense & RTA.


The Organizing Committee is currently working to provide equipment & tools to be used in the event, which will be hosted for the first time in the Middle East.


H.E. Saeed Hareb, the Secretary General of DSC, stated: “We have noticed the massive world attention toward the hosting of the Ultimate Strongman Championship, whether through social media & official websites or through direct contact of public with us to be acquainted with latest news of the event and other relevant details. The Ultimate Strongman is part of DSC's keenness to organize various events every year aiming to cope with its strategy to make sport as lifestyle for Dubai's residents & visitors, who belong to more than 200 States".     


It is worth-mentioning that more than 50% of the tickets were sold in UAE & abroad. Respective bodies explained that a code will be announced to enable those who desire to buy tickets to get discounts in tickets & food. Special package of tickets to be offered to those who will arrive from Saudi Arabia.


The competition is scheduled from Friday 03:00 pm to Saturday 03:00 am at Bab Al-Shams Hotel in Al-Marmoom Conservation Reserve.


The Ultimate Strongman to be contested by strongest & most huge persons all over the world, who are decided to surpass tough challenges & obstacles; the most difficult of which is the pulling of trucks of over 30 tons.  


Competitors will tow vehicles, using hands & ropes / lift crane, equipped with heavy weights of over 500 kg / run with heavy weights over their heads; including train wheels, steel bars & solid steel.


Challengers will also carry items of over 600 kg and lift the five traditional atlas stones from the earth toward the Stand as soon as possible.


The Organizing Committee will organize workshops & promotional programs in schools targeting 4000 children who will catch the opportunity to meet the champions and watch them pulling big buses. Student families will be given special discount during these visits.


The Ultimate Strongman Championship to be preceded with the inauguration ceremony to comprise the “Gladiator Show".


The Championship Village to include several entertaining family activities, children games zone, woody skiing zone, physical fitness courses & food lobby. Entertaining competitions & other activities will be arranged on the sideline of the Championship.  


U 12 children will enjoy free entry. Tickets booking are available through the official website of the Championship: .


It is to be mentioned that DSC & the Organizing Committee have confirmed the participation of several champions in the Challenge; top of whom is Huffthur Bjornson of Iceland, the star of Jim of Throne series, who holds several titles such as strongest man of the world in Arnold Classic Competition and strongest man in Ohio & Europe. He is the strongest man all over the world.


Zydrunas Savickas of Lithuania  will participate in the competition. He contested more than 140 professional challenges and he endeavors to lift more than 228 kg in order to break his own world record this year.  

The Championship will also be joined by Brian Shao of USA, who has got several titles as strongest man all over the world. He is a well-experienced & professional athlete with 6 feet height & 200 kg weight. The event will be joined by Jean Francois Caron of Canada, a professional powerlifter who has gained the strongest man's title. He has attained a world record as he has got 7 successive titles as strongest man in Canada in addition to other world records in overturning vehicles & wheels.

Luke Stoltman of Scotland, who is surnamed as the high Oak Tree and classified as a stable challenger in top competitions, will join the Challenge. He holds the title of the strongest man in Scotland since five years and up to date.

The Ultimate Strongman will be contested by Matzag Bisak of Slovenia, the strongest man in his homeland / Laurence Shahlaye of Britain, a well-experienced & stable challenger in the world Strongman Competition. He is surnamed as “Big Lose". In spite of his several injuries, he is returning to contest this challenge & proof that he is competent enough to join top competitions.


The Challenge is contested by Tom Stoltman of Scotland, who is surnamed the “Patrus". He is the younger brother of Luke Stoltman and has become a professional in this particular sport in the age of 23. His huge body & ultimate strength helps him to break world records.


Martin Lissis of America, a new athlete in this field surnamed “Dragon", will also participate in the Challenge. He has got the 4th place in the world rank during the last years.   



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