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  • “MBR Creative Sports Award" to Organize Dubai International Symposium for Sports Creativity

“MBR Creative Sports Award" to Organize Dubai International Symposium for Sports Creativity


the Secretariat General of “Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Creative Sports Award" convened a meeting to review latest preparations for the organizing of the 14th Dubai International Symposium for Sports Creativity.


The meeting was arranged in the presence of H.E. Moza Al-Marri, the Board Member of DSC & Secretary General of the Award / H.E. Naser Aman Al-Rahma, the Assistant Secretary General of DSC & Award Manager.


“MBR Creative Sports Award" has become a member of “Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Global Initiatives". 


The 14th edition of Dubai International Symposium for Sports Creativity is scheduled 31st Oct. 2018 at Al-Salam Council Hall in Mina Al-Salam Hotel, under title “Empowerment of Youth in Sports Field".


H.E. Moza Al-Marri confirmed that the Board of Trustees of the Award, chaired by H.E. Mattar Al-ATyer, has instructed that the Symposium's theme and topics of sessions should conform to the theme of the 10th edition of MBR Creative Sports Award, titled “Empowerment of Youth in Sport".


The Symposium is part of DSC's efforts to boost & popularize the culture of creativity in the sports work via reviewing of successful creative personal & corporation experiences in the local, Arab & world fields. The event to be held with participation of elite group of Emirati and Arab speakers from various entities. The sports sector's staff will catch this precious opportunity to be acquainted with new rich experiences in order to attain the promising development in the local sports fields, in such way that copes with the huge boom in all other fields of life in UAE.


The meeting dealt with the list of speakers & program of sessions, comprising various lectures on the eminent role of youth to make distinctive sports future / presentation of fruitful policies to overcome challenges & enhance UAE status in all fields.  


The meeting emphasized that the Symposium will be attended by representatives from sports clubs & associations and respective educational institutions.


The Symposium targets to qualify local youth, based on the fruitful initiative, held by the Award last years. In this regard, respective bodies of the Symposium resorts to several local youth and students (school & university students), endeavoring to provide them with necessary experiences, so that they can be competent enough to run future works. Several staff from the Youth Council will be nominated to participate in this Symposium.


The Secretariat General has ratified the designs of the Hall, where the event is decided to take place. An electronic system has also been approved to check the level of satisfaction & reaction of attendees, who will also be entitled to raise questions to the speakers. People of determination will enjoy special seats in the Hall along with simultaneous translation in sign language, which will also be telecasted to their counterparts  who will follow up the event via TVs & the electronic site of the Award.


Dubai International Symposium for Sports Creativity has become an eminent annual event in the UAE'S sports agenda.


Details of sessions & list of speakers will be announced during the upcoming days.




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