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  • DSC Teaches Club Players Methods of Rational Expending, as Part of “Ghars Program"

DSC Teaches Club Players Methods of Rational Expending, as Part of “Ghars Program"


Dubai Sports Council has launched the “Rational Expending Initiative", as part of “Ghars Program"; the educational pioneering program, which targets to enhance the behavioral values of players & staff of Dubai sports clubs.


The current edition of “Ghars Program" is held under the theme “Athlete toward the Way Zayed".


DSC, in collaboration with the Emirates Corporation, arranged two respective workshops at Al-Nasr Club & Al-Wasl Club with participation of more than 120 players from both Clubs in addition to several administrators.


The two workshops were lectured by Ms. Fatima Al-Masabe, the Lecturer & Projects Developer in the Emirates Corporation, who made a presentation on the financial independence and means of budget preparation & saving. She explained how to maintain monthly income.


Ms. Fatima confirmed the importance of specifying future goals, preplanning for achieving future smart goals. She also talked on reasons of loan and methods to avoid or limit the same.


The “Rational Expending Initiative" contains main four projects aiming to boost the personal financial culture for youth in UAE. These projects include workshops on personal financial management, training program in collaboration with banks, full voluntary program and Proper Expending Youth Club.


The Initiative targets to increase the awareness level of local youth toward efficient financial management through guiding them to the best way of expending and encouraging them to save and to avoid perils of accumulative debits. 


Ghars Program:

“Ghars Program" comprises organizing of several activities throughout the year; parts of these are: workshops, lectures and discussion sessions targeting players, administrators, parents & bus drivers. The Program is arranged with the support of several national entities; among which are: Dubai Police, Ministry of Presidential Affairs, National Archive, Emirates Corporation, RTA, Community Development Corporation, Dubai Culture & Arts Corporation and Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Revival Center.


“Ghars Program" focuses on six factors; these are:

National Entity & Heritage Factor: aiming to boost national entity and encourage participation in initiatives, national events such as the National Day, the UAE Flag Day, Martyr Day. It also encourages the organizing of heritage activities to strengthen means of maintaining national culture.


Education & Culture Factor: targeting to boost Arabic language “My Language is My Entity" and to establish libraries in clubs in order to encourage players to read & enrich cultures.


Health Factor: motivating players to participate in cultural campaigns and be aware to prevent themselves against diabetics, cancers, genetic disease and autism. Participants are also encouraged to join blood donation campaigns.


Community Factor, in which respective bodies of the Program arrange visits to elderly & orphans centers, people of determination clubs, hospitals & prisoners.


Giving & Voluntary Factor, which encourages players to join contribution programs and motivate them to help families, provide meals for laborers, distribute aids for needy persons.


Environment Factor: comprising participation in campaigns to make participants aware of means to maintain healthy environment.


Ghars Program is part of DSC's strategy to create moral sports environment to make sports clubs in Dubai safe & attractive for male & female talents.  


It is worth-mentioning that DSC has launched Ghars Program to make players & sports sector's staff aware of the importance of maintaining health and to adhere to good values & morals / combat negative behaviors & promote positive behavioral values / safeguard players against misconduct / boost relations between sports clubs & players' families / enhance educational role & social jobs for sports clubs. 



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