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this page contains links to chairman’s message, the lecture of h.e. al tayer,organizational chart and locate us.


this page contains links to dubai sports council women’s sports.

Hamdan Initiative Club Incorporation with Adidas
  1. Full Collaboration with Adidas
  2. First in the Middle East
  3. Two Branches Every year
  4. Sustainable until 2021 ​
Smart application

The Smart Application will provide these services:

  • The first application with 3D design effect .
  • Community registration (age group, favorite sports, residential area, working hours).
  • Organizing small sporting events in the community .
  • Creating teams & Communication between all interested teams and individuals in other areas (cycling and running, tennis).
  • Sport & Nutrition tips will be communicated with members. ​​
Dubai Fitness Index

Dubai divided into residential areas, and to provide people with advice and guidance to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability exercise

The index is designed to reflect the status of the fitness level of the Emirate of Dubai through a three-pronged measure includes several criteria , which is a certified index of the United Nations Sport for Development and Peace Office (UNOSDP))

  • The proportion of public engagement with physical activity in the community
  • The proportion of users of public transport
  • percentage of Males and Females Engagement
  • The allocated space for physical activity
  • Environnement pollution and noise ratio

It is unique in the world and Dubai will be the first city in the world to implement the said index .