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​​ DSC Qualifies Local Coaches in Fitness Field
​​​​​DSC Qualifies Local Coaches in Fitness Field

Dubai Sports Council organized a specialized training course targeting local assistant coaches of first football teams and coaches of football academies in Dubai clubs – 16 & 18 years old category.


H.E. Saeed Hareb, the Secretary General of DSC, attended part of training course.


The course was arranged with participation of 12 coaches from various football companies in Dubai clubs; these are: Ali Murad Mohammed (First Team Coach), Yousuf Fikri & Raed Essa from Al-Nasr Football Co. / Mohammed Ahmed Jalbout (First Team Coach), Adel Ali Saeed , Musa Ayoub Hout, Mohammed Ahmed Al-Raesi & Mohammed Ali Ahmed from Shabab Al-Ahli Dubai Co. / Salem Meftah Salem Al-Naimi and Naser Khamis Mubarak from Al-Wasl Football Co. / Walid Khalfan Khusiaf & Abdulla Mubarak Saqer from Hatta Football Co.


Mr. Ali Omar Al-Baloushi, Director of Sports Development Dept. in DSC, stated: "DSC arranges programs & launches initiatives to boost technical levels of local assistant coaches, based on the respective resolutions to appoint local assistant coach for the first football teams. In this regard, DSC has launched several initiatives to boost & qualify local coaches who serve in first teams and academies".


Mr. Ali Omar added: "DSC arranged three overseas training courses targeting assistant coaches, commenced from the sports season 2012 – 2013. In this context, the Council delegated assistant coaches to Spain & France to receive courses comprising site visits to most eminent professional clubs in Spain & France and to convene fruitful meetings with official persons of these clubs. Participants in these courses also attended training sessions & several international matches and joined technical & tactic analysis with participation of professional specialists".  


The course is part of DSC's program to enhance capabilities & technical levels of assistant coaches of first football teams and to qualify elite group of academic coaches. The course was held as per three factors; these are: follow up of physical efforts for football players, exploiting GPS Technology / deciding symptoms & reasons of dryness and the impact of the same on physical performance of football player / finding training solutions for nervous & muscle exhaustion.


The training course was held under supervision of Dr. Foad Al-Fatyati.  


The Local Coaches Qualifying Program targets to enhance skills, particularly after the successful experience of local coaches to lead academic national teams and to boost their experiences through serving with well– expert international coaches and participating in advanced training courses & workshops in UAE and overseas.​