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this page contains links to chairman’s message, the lecture of h.e. al tayer,organizational chart and locate us.


this page contains links to dubai sports council women’s sports.


​​ DSC Launches Local Female Coaches Qualifying Program
​​​​​DSC Launches Local Female Coaches Qualifying Program

The "Future Female Coach Program" to be launched Monday 14th May 2018 at 04:00 pm at Dubai Sports Council's premises.


The Program is part of DSC's initiative to qualify local female coaches and to make them competent enough to lead women's teams in Dubai clubs in collaboration with various local & international federations.  


The "Future Female Coach Program" is arranged to qualify local female players in first teams of Dubai clubs.


The Program to commence with organizing of a training course for female players on 14th & 15th May. Two female players to be named from each of the respective team sports games; these are: basketball, volleyball & handball. This training course to be lectured by accredited specialists from local associations.


Ms. Fawziya Fraidoon, Director of Women Sports Development in DSC, stated: "The Women's Sports Committee of DSC is keen to launch initiatives & programs, which enhance the eminent role of woman in the sports sector and help ladies to attain achievements. The Woman's Sports Committee endeavors to provide all necessary requirements to achieve DSC's goals to boost & develop women sport toward world level". 


She added: "The Future Female Coach Program is the first of its kind in UAE aiming to qualify local female coaches for clubs & national teams. The Program comprises training courses throughout the year, starting as of today Monday 14th May with a specialized course containing trainings on general provisions in team games & physical fitness. This course  to be addressed by lecturers from local associations. Further specialized courses to be organized in collaboration with international federations and will be addressed by world specialists.  By the end of the Program, attendees to be awarded participation certificates, accredited by the respective international federation of each game, by virtue of which the participant can serve as international accredited female coach". 


Ms. Fawziya Fraidoon concluded: "The Program will attain dramatic jump in woman's sports sector, as we are going to graduate a new generation of local females who are capable to lead local teams in various sports games and attain international achievements".  ​