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this page contains links to chairman’s message, the lecture of h.e. al tayer,organizational chart and locate us.


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​​ DSC to Implement Programs of Upcoming Sports Season, as per Woman & Sport Committee's Agenda​
​​​​​DSC to Implement Programs of Upcoming Sports Season, as per Woman & Sport Committee's Agenda​

The Woman & Sport Committee of Dubai Sports Council has commenced implementation of the Sports Events Program for the season 2018 – 2019.


The Sports Events Program for the upcoming sports season has been ratified during the recent meeting of the Woman & Sport Committee, convened at the Council's premises and chaired by H.E. Moaza Al-Marri, the Board Member of DSC & Chairwoman of the Committee.


The Program of the upcoming sports season (2018 – 2019) comprises main nine events; including competitions, qualifying programs, events, workshops & entertaining activities in addition to other events, to be organized on the occasions of women's celebrations.


Ms. Fawziya Fraidoon, the Member of Woman & Sport Committee and Manager of Woman's Sports Development Sec., stated: "The Woman & Sport Committee endeavors to contact with all women of various ages, multi-nationalities & different job categories. In this regard, the Woman & Sport Committee organizes and supports various sports events & activities. The Committee has in fact attracted huge number of women of different categories to participate in these events; containing female students, female employees and housewives. Our target is to qualify women in the sports field and to make them competent enough to supply clubs & national teams and to attain international sports achievements".  


She added: "The Woman & Sport Committee exerts hard efforts to boost the woman's sport via increasing the number of participating women in various sports events. DSC targets to creative distinctive sports community and support women's sport in Dubai through popularizing the culture of the exercise of sport & physical activities as fundamental factor to help women maintain health & enjoy happy life".


The Woman & Sport Committee's agenda for the upcoming sports season (2018 – 2019) comprises organizing of several programs. The Committee has launched the season with the "Future Female Coach Program"; the first program of its kind which qualifies local female players in first teams of Dubai clubs and enables them to become distinctive coaches, who are competent to lead women teams in clubs in collaboration with local &international federations. The "Future Female Coach Program" is arranged throughout the year.

The Woman & Sport Committee will also organize "Dubai Summer Sports Camp for Girls" from 22nd July to 15th Aug. 2018. Participating girls in the Camp to join exciting individual & team sports games; comprising basketball, volleyball, futsal, badminton, running & table tennis. Participants will also enjoy several entertaining activities such as zomba, Frisbee, yoga & rock climbing. The girls are scheduled to watch cinema and attend nutrition program & trainings on teamwork.

The Woman & Sport Committee to celebrate "The Emirati Woman's Day" with participation of local women on 28th Aug.  The Emirati Woman's Day is launched by H.H. Sheikh Fatima Bint Mubarak, the Chairwoman of the General Women's Union, Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation and President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood & Childhood, to celebrate the local women's contributions & to mark their considerable efforts to develop the homeland.


The Woman & Sport Committee is scheduled to organize the 6th edition of "Sheikha Hind Women's Sports Tournament" next Oct.


"Sheikha Hind Women's Sports Tournament" has attained remarkable success during the last five editions. The 1st version of the Tournament was arranged with participation of 166 female players, represented 13 entities, while the 5th version of the competition was contested by 685 female players from 32 governmental & semi-governmental entities, who joined tough competitions in ten sports games.


The 2nd Dubai Ladies Triathlon is scheduled Saturday 9th Nov. 2018 at Dubai Ladies Club, with participation of massive number of ladies of various ages, multi-nationalities & different physical abilities. Participating women to contest tough 50 km challenges in three sports competitions; these are: swimming, running & cycling. The Challenge is classified into three categories; these are: super sprint, sprint & accredited Olympic distance.


The Woman & Sport Committee will also launch new electronic application, providing several distinctive services for women of various categories.


The Woman & Sport Committee's agenda is full of sports events aiming to bring joy for all women.