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​​ DSC Seeks Bilateral Cooperation with World Minifootball Federation
​​​​​DSC Seeks Bilateral Cooperation with World Minifootball Federation

Dubai Sports Council sought bilateral cooperation with the World Minifootball Federation (WMF), during the WMF delegation's visit to DSC's premises.

The WMF's delegation was chaired by Mr. Filip Juda, the WMF President and accompanied by members of the Royal Emirates Sports Academy.

The WMF's delegation was received by Mr. Ali Omar Al-Baloushi, Director of Sports Development Dept. in DSC / Mr. Ahmed Salem Al-Mahri, Manager of Academies & Football Companies Sec. / Mr. Adnan Al-Ayoni, Football Companies' Specialist / Mr. Tawfiq Al-Zahrouni, Sports Academies Specialist.

The meeting reviewed the possibility of organizing & hosting international mini-football competitions. The meeting discussed policies to develop the mini-football in Dubai and to make the Emirate as a destination to popularize the exercise of the game in the entire region.

The meeting dealt with the eminent role & keenness of DSC to boost the exercise of sport and physical activities among the various classes of society and to establish advanced sports facilities.

Mr.  Filip Juda, President of the International Minifootball Federation, stated: "Dubai is one of the top world cities, which support the practice of sport. The splendid hotels, advanced sports facilities, top medical care and the well–based infrastructure in Dubai have all helped the Emirate to become a favorite destination to host great sports events. The WMF therefore targets to utilize these facilities and enhance collaboration with Dubai".

Mr. Filip Juda lauded DSC's endeavors and contact with international sports federations & organizations besides its keenness to boost coordination and host sports events.

He praised DSC's policy of work and the issuing of the sports events guide, which may assist international federations & organizers of sports events to program upcoming events and to utilize current opportunities & accurate schedules of events.

Mr. Filip Juda referred: "We target to popularize the exercise of this game among all classes of society and to increase the number states, which contest the Mini-Football World Cup. We also endeavor to make the entire world aware of the WMF and its non-profitable initiatives to improve football all over the world".

The WMF is a non-profitable organization, founded in 2013. The WMF's membership consists of mini-football national associations besides continental federations. The mini-football championships are organized by the WMF or by its affiliated continental, national or local associations. The WMF's membership contains 144 States. 71 States organize annual competitions. The Mini-Football World Cup is organized every two years. The 1st version of the Mini-Football World Cup took place in the United States of America in 2015.        ​