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​​ More than 200 Girls to Participate in "Dubai Summer Sports Camp for Girls"
​​​​​More than 200 Girls to Participate in "Dubai Summer Sports Camp for Girls"

More than 200 girls of various ages & multi-nationalities will participate in "Dubai Summer Sports Camp for Girls", scheduled from Sunday 22nd July to Wednesday 15th Aug. 2018 at the Swiss International Scientific School in Jaddaf.

The 25–day summer sports camp is the first of its kind, which is dedicated for girls of 7 to 12 years old.

The Woman & Sport Committee of Dubai Sports Council has closed the registration door for participating in this Camp, scheduled throughout the week from Sunday to Wednesday from 08:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Participating girls to join exciting individual & team sports games; comprising badminton, basketball, futsal, table tennis & road race. Participants will also enjoy several entertaining activities such as zomba, Frisbee, yoga & rock climbing. The girls are scheduled to watch cinema and attend nutrition program & trainings on teamwork.

Pitches will be properly covered to secure girls' safety & confirm full privacy. The multi-purpose pitches are designed to accommodate several activities containing run track, dancing studio, wall for rocks climbing besides classes for workshops & nutrition lectures.


Ms. Fawziya Fraidoon, Manager of Woman's Sports Development in DSC, expressed pleasure toward the rush of girls to join this Camp.


Ms. Fawziya Fraidoon stated: "We are pleased toward the massive & rapid response of parents to register daughters within this short span of time. The Camp is the first of its kind to be dedicated for girls. It is a unique opportunity for girls to exploit summer vacation in useful activities. In this regard, we have prepared full program of sports, entertaining & cultural activities. Preparations have been taken to receive participating girls, who will surely find full comfortable & secured atmospheres".  


She added: "The Camp will provide vast spaces to encourage participating girls to exercise various individual & team sports activities in full entertainment atmospheres. We target to motivate girls practicing sport since early ages .The Woman & Sport Committee is keen to launch fruitful initiatives & programs to boost women's role in the sports sector throughout the year, targeting children, female students & elderly women. Our target is to qualify new generation of female athletes and to make them competent enough to attain local & international achievements. The Woman & Sport Committee endeavors to provide all necessary requirements to attain DSC's goals aiming to boost woman's sports". ​