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​​​About Sports and Tourism​​

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Sport tourism refers to the experience of travel to engage in or view sport-related activities. Three Types of Sports Tourism:

  • Sport Event Tourism
  • Active Sport Tourism
  • Nostalgia Sport Tourism


Tourism associated with Hallmark Events such as Olympics games and the World Cup Soccer Championships and also Professional Sports Teams.


Those individuals who travel to participate in sporting events comprise the active sport tourism category.


Nostalgia sport tourism involves traveling to famous sport-related attractions.

Introducing Dubai as the City for Sports Tourism

  • Dubai has so many facilities to offer from a standard tourism point. Accommodating to millions of visitors through signature hotels to 3 Star Hotels Facilities for the fitness fanatic.
  • The sports events all-round the year.
  • Sunny weather for 12 months. The History of Sports in Dubai covering heritage sports. Easy to access locations.
  • Describe briefly the different modes of transportation available in Dubai.

The Sports Culture

The Audience locally and internationally.

  • - The growing interest in Sports.
  • - The supporters of Sport in Dubai.
  • - The Future of the Sports Culture in Dubai.
  • - Facts and figures on Fitness and Health in Dubai using Dubai Pulse and other events as an example.
  • - Sand Boarding.
  • - Introduction of More Sports Federations in Dubai, More Committees.
  • - Emergence of more New Sports.​

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